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BELTBUCKLE'S, "Judas Suicide" is a 4 song 7" vinyl E.P. It is out of print now and is somewhat 
hard to come buy. This band is mainly a Sebadoh side project and is more well known among Sebadoh fans, 
But it is a MUST for Eric Matthews fans as well.

The E.P. was released on Sonic Bubblegum Records. 
Catalog #: GUM013
Release Date: 1993

The track listing for this e.p. goes as follows:

Judas Suicde
Pocket Skylab Love
Mary Hair
Girl Who Reads

The Musicians are:

Bob Fay - drums, bass, voice
Eric Matthews - bass, drums, voice
Lou Barlow - guitar, voice

Recorded by Eric Masunaga at White Room