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Mandie and myself have been writing, recording and playing music together for over 4 years now. We met at a restaurant we both worked at which shall remain nameless, 4 years ago. We hit it off instantly when we started talking bout The Beatles and quizing each other to see who actually knew more about the band. We still to this day have not figured out which one of us knows more about the GREATEST rock group of all time. We then got to talking more about music and found out that we both write our own songs. So I said, "let's start a band!". She was skeptical at first. She did not like the idea of putting her lyrics with someone elses music, but I eventually assured her it would be alright. Since then we have had many wonderful and not so wonderful writing/recording sessions in the basement of her grandparents house. We have become best friends since we first met and we still plan on writing and recording more songs in the future. Right now we are kind of at stand still, due to new chnges in her life, but we hope to be writing and recording again real soon.

Below you will find a listing of all the songs we have completed and recorded to this date.


You In My Heart (A. Hillary)
Regrets (A. Hillary)
Lullaby (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Lullaby w/strings (M. Strong/ A. Hillary)
Cheater's Lament (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Walking to You ("Everything But The Girl" cover)
That Look (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Longing (M. Strong)
Lost In Lies (M. Strong)
She (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Music Of The Trees (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Monday's Here (M. Strong/ A. Hillary)
Tightrope (A. Hillary)
Mark's New Song (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Circling (M. Strong/L. Luong)
A Love To Be... (M. Strong)
Baby, Tonight (A. Hillary)
(I Never Took)Nothing From You (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Looking Back (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Lost (A. Hillary)
Wanted (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Pine (M. Strong/A. Hillary)
Baby Blue Eyes (A. Hillary)
A Date at the 9:30 (A. Hillary)