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On this page you will find a listing of some of my favorite music websites. Most of these sites are bands and musicians that have influnced me and my music.



BADFINGER!: One of the many great BADFINGER fan sites
Sub Pop records: Eric Matthews Website: This is the official record company website for Eric Matthews
Not Lame Records!!: This is a mail order site with the best selection of POP/POWERPOP stuff around. It is also a record label.
Scott Brookman: Melody Pop King: The title says it all. This is Richmond, Virginia's answer to Brian Wilson.
THE WAKING HOURS HOMEPAGE: One of Richmond's other GREAT pop acts.
THE DUMM-DUMMS HOMEPAGE: This is another one of the few good powerpop bands in Richmond!!
Chris Bray's: JELLYFISH Homepage : his is the greatest pop "band" of the 90's.
LATENESS OF THE HOUR: An Eric Matthews Fanpage: This is the fan page I created for Eric. A BRILLIANT COMPOSER!
THE ZOMBIES FANPAGE: One of the most under rated pop bands of the 60's.
JASON LIVES: A Jason Falkner Fanpage: This a fanpage for one of the most brilliant musicians around these days.
RVA Music Pages: The best local music page around.
ADAM THE MCINTYRE Homepage: A friend of mine's homepage. Check out his band DRIVIN' SOUTH!!!!
AIMEE MANN: he one female singer/songwriter who is a step above all the other Lilith chicks.
The Official BADFINGER Website: This site is overseen by Badfinger member Joey Molland.
The Jon Brion Website: This is the website for another pop musical genius of the 90's.
PopNet: A great source for finding out about what's happening in the world of pop music.
FESTIVE ROAD: A Celebration of The Divine Comedy: A great band. Check it out!
DAVID SYLVIAN: Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities: One of the most interesting musicians I have heard in a while. THANKS E.!!!
BUTTERFLY CHILD: This site says it all. Another GREAT musician of the 90's.
ELLIOTT SMITH: A fan page for Elliott Smith.
PLAN 9 RECORDS: The best local indie record store.
The Unofficial Brown Eyed Susans website: They are Canada's answer to JELLYFISH. If anyone wants more info on these guys you can e-mail me.
All Things Imperial: A website by and for fans of IMPERIAL DRAG: THESE GUYS ROCK!!!!!!