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LATEST NEWS!! (October 12, 1998)

OCTOBER 12, 1998:

Eric will be appearing on several CD's 
that are being released early next year.

Here are the releases to keep an eye out for:

"ABSINTHE" - This band is scheduled 
to have their debut album released in 
January. Eric makes an appearance on it. 
Right now it is only set to be released 
in the UK. The band is currently looking 
for someone here in the U.S. to release it.

SPOOKEY RUBEN - This is very good news for 
me. Being a fan of Spookey's as well as 
Eric's, it is GREAT to see that they are 
working together again. This time on 
Spookey's second full-lenth CD. It is due 
out in February on TVT Records. Definitely 
check it out!!

That is all the current news for now. be 
sure to check back frequently.