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OCTOBER 22, 1998

Well folks, As of the moment not too much is going on in the world 
of the Brown Eyed Susans. Here is what I do know straight from David Dattner.

The new B.E.S. album is complete, but there is no date set yet, 
as to when it will be released. Although the band has had several Majors interested, 
they think they will go with Permanent Press again. This is not definite, but it is 
what the band is thinking at the moment.

The band isn't sure, but they think that they will have a song 
in the next Austin Powers movie. I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

The final track listing for the second album is:
Little Monkey Friend
Sunday School
Neon Roses
She's Organic
Afraid Of Heights
Window Seat
Suitcase Whore   <- We may just end up calling it Suitcase on 
the album
Words On You
Lost My Eyesight  

The band also has a song that they recorde for the album but 
will not be on there.I am thinking it may be a b-side or will 
show up on the third album. It is called: "Secret Engineer". 

Weel folks, That'sall the news for now. Check back soon!!