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Here is my quick review of the new, yet to be released, 2nd BROWN EYED SUSANS' CD: "AFRAID OF HEIGHTS".

LITTLE MONKEY FRIEND - This track is very JELLYFISH influenced to my ears. In fact it is the most JELLYFISH sounding song on the album. It is the drums and guitar sounds that remind me of the band mentioned above. The drums in particular are clearly inspired by the stylings of one, Andy Sturmer.

SUNDAY SCHOOL - Many of you in the pop world have already heard this tune on the "INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW" CD. This one takes a bit of the best elements of E.L.O., SQUEEZE, JELLYFISH(Bellybutton) and THE BEATLES.

SHE'S ORGANIC - This is one of my faves from this CD. I think this song should be the first single. It is PURE Power Pop!! The song has got some nifty space age keyboard and guitar sounds happening throughout, and has a nice little QUEEN sounding guitar solo as well. The vocals in this one are awesome!! This DEFINITELY should be the 1st single.

SUITCASE WHORE - This track is by far my favorite on the CD. It is a truly magical song. It is purely "McCARTNEYESQUE" in every sense. Just imagine it's 1966 and you are hearing "Yesterday" and "Eleanor Rigby" for the first time. The song is complete with GEORGE MARTIN sounding string quartet and horn arrangements. The vocals are even quite reminiscent of McCARTNEY himself. IT'S 1966 ALL OVER AGAIN, BABY!!

MAYBE - This one takes me back to the sounds of E.L.O. and THE RASPBERRIES. This tune has a cool 70's pop vibe going for it. It's a fun track.

PREDATOR - This song's got some cool sounds going on in it. It's not one of my favorites, but even this one ROCKS.

WINDOW SEAT - With a beautiful melody, cool harmonies, a waltz and a Theremin sounding thing, this song is quite intriguing. I can't really say much more about this one. Just give it a listen. Your ears will thank you for it.

NEON ROSES - Another BEATLESQUE/McCARTNEY sounding tune. Beatlesque harmony vocals abound in this one. This is another favorite of mine off this CD. It could easily be mistaken for an "Abbey Road" out-take. Beatle fans will dig this one!!

WORDS ON YOU - This is another favorite of mine. It's probably my third favorite track on the CD at the moment. It has quite a unique sound to it. There is a bass riff that reminds me of the one in "Rain". and it has country flavored guitar fills throughout. KILLER GUITAR RIFFS!!!! COOL HARMONIES!!!! Very interesting!

AFRAID OF HEIGHTS - The is the most obscure sounding tune on the CD. Another favorite of mine, but hard to describe. I would say it has an 80's meets the 60's in the 90's vibe about it. Are you confused now?? GOOD, Go buy the album when it is released and figure it out for yourself.

This concludes my review of the NEW Brown Eyed Susans' CD, "AFRAID OF HEIGHTS" . I hope it has made you hungry for it!!

If you liked "Afternoon Tea", you will LOVE "AFRAID OF HEIGHTS"!!

If you didn't like "Afternoon Tea", you will LOVE "AFRAID OF HEIGHTS"!!!!

Enough said!!